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In a continual effort to support Siena College’s mission of sustainability, Community Living and ITS have been working together to enhance the printing experience for the Siena community while also limiting the amount of waste. The campus currently uses methods such as automatic double-sided printing and has successfully implemented print release stations for printing in student public spaces and resident student spaces to help cut down on waste. Print release functionality is available for black and white printing in all resident student areas. using the print system PaperCut.

Printing is easier and faster than ever.  Siena’s printing service, PaperCut allows for native printing from your macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, or Chrome device.  Learn how to set up to print from your device to campus printers. Note: You MUST be connected to the eduroam wi-fi network to print from your device. Instructions vary depending on the device OS, but the basic idea is the same: set up the printer once, then you can print to and release your job at one of 12 release stations around campus.

All printing is free. Every user gets an initial $50.00 credit and then gets an additional $10.00 per month. The maximum carryover each month is $100.00. The dollar amount is present so that you are conscious of your printing. Black and white prints deduct $0.08 per page and color prints deduct $0.15 per page. Each user is unrestricted which means printing is allowed even if the balance falls below $0.00.


Contact ITS for assistance at 518-786-5000 or e-mailing