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Papercut at Siena. Frequently asked questions

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is the print system used at Siena that helps reduce waste and increases print security in our libraries and computing labs. After printing from a computer or device, your job will be held for up to 4 hours until you log in to a release station to "release" the job to the printer for printing. You can delete print jobs from your queue if you don't want them or just allow them to expire after 4 hours.

What if I have questions or problems?
Call the ITS Helpdesk at 518-786-5000 or e-mail us at You can also stop by the Student Helpdesk in the Library 24/7 Lab for assistance.

Where can I print with Mobility or Web Print?

HP Printers with Print Release capability can be found in:

  • Standish Library: 3 Printers (24/7 Lab: 1 color, 2 black and white)
  • Hines Hall: 2 Printers (Hines 111: 1 color & Hines 240: 1 black and white)
  • Padua Hall: 1 Printer (Padua Hall 1st Floor Lounge)
  • Ryan Hall: 1 Printer (Ryan Hall 1st Floor Lounge)
  • Snyder Hall: 1 Printer (Snyder Hall G Level Business Center)
  • Plassmann Hall: 1 Printer (Plassmann Hall 1st Floor Lounge)
  • Hennepin Hall: 1 Printer (Hennepin Hall 1st Floor Lounge)
  • MacClosky Commons: 1 Printer (MacClosky Commons Lab)
  • Marcelle Athletics Complex: 1 Printer (MAC Study Hall)
  • Sarazen Student Union: 1 Printer (SSU 224 Commuter Lounge)
  • Morrell Science Center: 1 Printer (MSC 2nd Floor Pat Brown Room)

Is color printing available?

Yes. Color printing is offered in Hines Hall 111 and the Library 24/7 Lab

Is printing free?

All printing is free. Every user gets an initial $50.00 credit and then gets an additional $10.00 per month. The maximum carryover each month is $100.00. The dollar amount is present so that you are conscious of your printing. Black and white prints deduct $0.08 per page and color prints deduct $0.15 per page. Each user is unrestricted which means printing is allowed even if the balance falls below $0.00.

How long do I have between printing a document and releasing it?

PaperCut stores print requests for 4 hours before removing them if they are not released. After 4 hours, the print job is deleted from the server.

How do I release a print job?

When using a print release printer there are two basic methods for releasing your printout:

Scan the QR Code on the printer using your mobile device (connected to eduroam wi-fi), select the print job and release it. Or, if present, use the physical print release station, select the print job and release it. 

Using a Mobile Device to Release your Print Job:

  1. Print your file(s) 
  2. Verify your mobile device is connected to the eduroam wi-fi network
  3. Using your mobile device’s Camera app or QR code scanning app, scan the QR code on the printer in the room.
  4. Login with your Siena username (without and password 
  5. Tap [print] next to the item you want to print

Using a Release Station:

  1. Print your file(s)
  2. Go to the print release station near the printer.
  3. Either click in the Username box and swipe your Saint Card in the keyboard card reader slot or enter your Siena username (without and password
  4. Click [print] next to the item you want to print

Can I print from my personal device?

Yes. You can print PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and certain picture files using Web Print. 


Our PaperCut system allows for native printing from your macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, or Chrome device. This is required if you’re going to print from Google Docs without exporting your file or printing from a website. Learn how to set up to print from your device to campus printers. Note: You MUST be connected to the eduroam wi-fi network to print from your device. 

How do I login to PaperCut?

Use your network account username WITHOUT and password.

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