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NOTE: The RDP Windows Gateway is for business users only. Needs to be requested from ITS ahead of time.

Pre-Configuration Requirements

  • Contact ITS ahead of time to make sure that you have Remote Desktop access to your office Windows computer and that you are granted access to RDP Gateway.
  • Know your office computer’s asset tag number.
  • Your office computer must be powered on and the sleep settings must be disabled in order for you to connect to it remotely using Remote Desktop.
  • Ensure that the office computer locks after a period of inactivity.
  • You MUST be enrolled in Microsoft 2FA and have the Microsoft Authenticator app.  The system requires you to approve the sign in through the Authenticator app after you have entered your password. It will not prompt you to do so and it does NOT support text message or pin codes.

Using the RDP Gateway from Windows

Using the RDP Gateway from a Mac