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Siena’s participation in eduroam allows members of the Siena community to seamlessly connect to free wireless when they visit other eduroam participating institutions world-wide. Similarly, it provides seamless access to the Siena wireless network for people from participating eduroam institutions when they visit the Siena campus.  eduroam uses the IEEE 802.1X protocol (WPA2-enterprise) and will place Siena users in the appropriate network based on their credentials.

Siena College Community Members on campus or visiting a participating eduroam institution

  1. Connect your device to the wireless network "eduroam"
    1. NOTE: Case is important...Official eduroam is always in all lower case.  Don't be fooled into connecting to an eduroam SSID that has capital letters as that would not be a sanctioned SSID.
  2. When asked for a username, enter your entire Siena email address.
  3. When asked for a password, use the password for your Siena account.
    1. NOTE: If you change your network password, you will have to update your password in your wireless settings or forget and rejoin the eduroam SSID network.
  4. If asked to trust a certificate please do if verified it is comings from
  5. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play have the geteduroam app available to facilitate installation (Be sure only to use getedurom and not some fake app that can be dangerous).
    The QR code below will link to the available geteduroam apps.

    1. This is not the preferred method and may not work in the long term as Apple and Android have stated that they will be phasing out some of these unsecure manual settings (iOS and MAC OS), but in a jam you can try:
      1. EAP method: "PEAP"

      2. Phase 2 authentication: "Mschapv2"

      3. Server CA certificate: "Do not check"

      4. User certificate: "None Installed"

      5. Leave Anonymous Identity blank
    2. You may be asked to trust the certificate. Please respond "Accept" to trust the certificate.
    3. Manual installers are also available for most devices at

Please note that eduroam is often not supported on devices that don't support enterprise wireless connectivity (ex. gaming systems, tv's, etc). SienaAir is the recommended SSID for these devices.

If you experience any issues connecting to the eduroam network, please contact the ITS Help Desk by submitting a help desk request through the web at or call

  • Students: 518-786-5000
  • Faculty/Staff/Administrators: 518-782-6000

IMPORTANT: ITS recommends forgetting SienaAir on devices that can successfully use eduroam.  SienaAir requires network registration to function and if your unregistered device chooses SienaAir over eduroam it will not work properly unless it is registered.

Members of a participating eduroam institution who are visiting the Siena campus

Visitors to the Siena College campus from participating eduroam institutions will refer to their local support organization and/or documentation provided by their home institution on how to connect.

A list of participating eduroam institutions can be found here.

  1. Connect your device to the wireless network "eduroam"
    1. NOTE: Case is important...Official eduroam is always in all lower case
  2. When asked for a username, enter your entire your email address from your home institution.
  3. When asked for a password, provide your account password as it is set at your home institution.
    1. NOTE: Our servers never see the password – they relay your login credentials to your home institutions to verify authentication with your home institution and let them connect.

Map of US eduroam institutions