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  • Before turning on this protection feature, please take time to learn more about possible issues with 2-Step Verification.

  • Be prepared to complete the setup process in its entirety.
  • Visit, log in with your Siena College username and password, click Start Setup and complete the 2-step verification settings (When asked for your mobile number just use area code and phone number without a leading "1").
  • We strongly encourage you to perform the following steps while you enable 2-step verification. These steps will prevent you from being locked out of your account in the event you lose your primary means of receiving verification codes.
    1. Add at least one backup phone number where the verification code can be sent.
    2. Print out the one-time use backup codes that Google provides and keep them with you. These can be used in place of the generated codes if your phone is not available.
  • Application specific passwords will need to be created to connect (or stay connected) to your Google account for the following devices:
    • Devices running Android 2.3.x or older
    • Apple IOS devices
    • Email clients (Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.)
    • Instant Messengers (Pidgin, Adium, etc.)
  • Setup only takes a few minutes.
  • Again, please be sure to review the entire setup process before configuring your account: Configure 2-Step Verification