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Foreign intelligence entities, which may include foreign governments, corporations, and their proxies, are actively targeting information, assets, and technologies that are vital to both U.S. national security and our , global competitiveness, and personal security.  Access to college accounts and resources have become more desirable and often make college accounts prime targets.


  1. Change your Siena password before you leave the country and change it again when you return from your trip.
  2. Only use networks you trust. Careful Be careful using internet cafes and computers that could be logging every key press.
  3. Limit sensitive data you take with you and only access sensitive data when necessary.
  4. Some countries like China have state monitored Firewalls that prevent access to Google resources among other things. Use of secure VPN or VMware Horizon View may allow alternate access.


The National Counterintelligence and Security Center has created the below video to get the private sector to take cyber threats (in particular, nation state activity) more seriously.

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