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  1. Login with your Siena credentials at
    1. Chrome or Firefox are suggested for full functionality
  2. Select the digest(s) you want your post to appear in (Students and/or FSA)
  3. Select a category for the posting (“Miscellaneous” is the default if none selected)
  4. Complete corresponding fields as appropriate.  If event date and times are filled in, the Digest will include an “Add to Calendar” button automatically.
  5. The "Repeat Message" option allows a message to reappear in the Digest for up to three additional days in the “In Case You Missed It" section.
  6. “Scheduling” allows the author to schedule a future date for the announcement to appear in the Digest (not needed or permitted for immediate distribution the next day).
  7. Create your content directly in the editor or use copy and paste commands to bring external content into the editor (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are supported in Chrome and Firefox).
    1. Images and files should be resized so that they are under 5MB in size. The overall size of all images and attachments should be under 20MB or e-mail applications will have trouble with them.
    2. Your post will be viewed by numerous users using a wide variety of operating systems and devices. Avoid common illegal directory and filename characters as listed below:


















      blank spaces

  8. Verify content and submit digest.


  • Create a title that includes a brief description that accurately reflects the content. For example: “Sociology lecture Friday at 3 p.m.” is better than “Join us on Friday.”
  • Provide alternative image text if you are submitting an image as a flyer.
  • Be sure to add a hyperlink to the image if your image includes a hyperlink .
  • Include the name(s) of any sponsoring organization(s) in the body of the announcement.